How to start taking MCT Oil?
Our MCT oil is a clear, flavorless liquid that can be consumed pure or as an addition to your favorite dishes and drinks. While it has a lower smoke point than coconut oil, it can still be used for light stir frying and as an ingredient in medium temperature baking.
Some of the most popular uses of MCT oil are to add the plain oil to coffee, smoothies, or salad dressings. It's easy to slip into a meal or drink without much work, as a serving size usually ranges from just half a tablespoon to up to 3 tablespoons. 
For new users we recommend starting with half a tablespoon to see how your digestive system responds. Too much too fast could lead to digestive distress. And don't forget that MCT is still a liquid fat that's calorically dense — 1 tablespoon comes in at 130 calories.
Once you have established that your body is able to handle the MCT oil without any disruption or discomfort you can then proceed to increase the amount you consume. We recommend a daily serving of 1-2 tablespoons. It is advised to not exceed 4 tablespoons per day.
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